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his voice really had such a boyish tone
that almost scorched my telephone
we made an appointment for half past eight
so now i am waiting for my date
in a downtown bar i happen to know
with fifteen minutes or more to go.

someone enters and shuts the door
would that be him, did we speak before?
by the time i order my third glass of beer
it's really getting crowded in here
two girls giggling, screaming with laughter
students behaving increasingly dafter

meanwhile the clock shows way past ten
i decide i've done tonight with men
i scorn myself for being so blind
till he has finally left my mind

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just being near you
once in a while
to hear your voice
see how you move
along the room
allowed to
touch you
feeling that
you care about me

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the sky

the sky was dark
and the clouds broke
and the rain poured down
and i fled into McDonald's
and walked past people steaming
and sat at the table of a young man
and i warmed my hands
and throat with hot coffee
and my eyes and heart
at the guy sipping coke

and i looked at his flashing teeth
biting into a burger
and i observed the chewing
of his jaws
and i saw his tongue
licking his lips
and i knew of the softness
of his body
and i wanted to stroke his hair
and skin

and i sought the depth
of his eyes
and longed for his voice

and then i took
a bite
from my applepie
and hot juice squirted
on the boy's face
and i stammered sorry
and he said
hey motherfucker,
look what y're doin'