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where do i stand

where do i stand
when every day
i see you
and i cannot or may not
say hello,
and you keep on
turning up;
where do i stand?

do i take you to
the pits of deception
cover you with sand
or lock you up in a shed
and have a look all the time
to see if you are still alive?

there are marvellous tortures
that i can set you at
and undoubtedly you will be inspiring
there is sun
to shine merciless
when i put burning-glasses
on your eyes

there is cold
that creeps into your body
and stays with you
all your life
there is heat
that makes you scream
you have a beautiful voice

you are a handsome toy
and when i am bored
i can take you apart
to see how it works

i'm looking for you

i'm looking for you, boy,
with your grey eyes,
your full lips, the dark,
gel-sculpted hair

i find you, boy,
with your hot body,
your burning love,
the flattering smile

i get you, boy,
with your silvery voice,
the blarney words,
the pretty looks

i take you, boy,
with your cowardly lies
and smooth talking,
your stealing hands

i find you, boy,
pretty boy
and then i'll
kick your brains out

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