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An evening and half a night,
we talk about lust and love,
desire, despair, pain.
The bottles getting empty.
Doublebedded we get closer.
I kiss your balding grey head
give comfort with my body.
Tears well into your children's eyes
when i call you my sweet kiddo.

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if only one day it could be
the cutest schoolboy telling me
after school and staying late
sir, it's sciences i hate

i can't tell a root from a square
all that you teach about in there
in my dreams i travel far
discovering a newborn star

i want to know all about space
how constellations interlace
he babbles on with shyish smile
my heart stops beating for a while

would you teach me after school
i don't want to stay a fool
anxious he awaits my voice
so cute, so soft, i have no choice

reality is harsh and cold
he is young and i am old
he leaves the building, muscles tense
shouting in adolescence

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he calls in the deep of night
hello, this is me
i cannot sleep
were you?
yes, i shiver
i just went to bed
what's up?
and he tells his sorrow
and hours later
when he is fast asleep
i turn around and around
thinking of him