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Who is afraid

Man attacked by friend (a newspaper article)

Mondaynight around 9.45, a 38-old civilian was robbed in his residence from his bankcard and pincode. The victim was left tied up by his assaulter. The culprit had called at the door earlier in the evening. They were old-time acquaintances. Initially the night passed off pleasantly when suddenly the suspect drew a pistol and threatened the victim with it. Next he tied up his 'old mate' and searched the house. Finally he left, taking with him the bank card and pincode. Afterwards, the victim managed to free himself and, utterly upset, drove by taxi to an acqaintance who called the police.

You're getting older and still hope to find true love. You put ads in the paper: there is response, but all meetings end up in disappointments. Then comes a letter from a young man. A picture is included: he has a nice body and a cute face. After a while he calls and a meeting is arranged. At once you find him gorgeous, so beautiful, the hair, those sweet innocent eyes. During lovemaking he is passionate. Next visits too he makes you feel happy. Then he doesn't show up for a while.

Months later he stands, unexpectedly, at the door, smiling. You show him in, nervous and happy: your 'lover' is back. He tells about receiving strange phonecalls and would like to have his picture and letter back. Of course you hand them over. He trusts you again and acts affectionately. It is marvellous to make love to him again, soon you withdraw to the bedroom. Clothes are trown on the floor.

He presses himself close to you, breathes heavily in your neck. You surrender completely to this tasty creature. You want to do anything for him and you obediently follow his instructions. Relaxed you lie face down when suddenly you feel the barrel of a gun against your head. He hisses at you to put your hands behind your back, ties them up and pulls a pillow-case over your head. He pokes his weapon in your side and asks for your money and bankcard. He finds the stuff and threatens to shoot holes in you when you don't tell the pincode.

Then he stuffs things in your mouth, roughly gags you and tightens the rope around arms and legs. You hear the opening of chests and drawers. Every once in a while it gets quiet, then he is back again, hits you and threatens you. Your body aches all over and you almost choke. It takes an aggravating time before he leaves. Hours later you are discovered, humiliated, robbed of money and illusions.

Olaf Korder

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